Privacy Policy Statement
Privacy Policy Statement
Welcome to this website. Your privacy will be properly respected and protected in here. Please read the following information to know how we collect, apply and protect your personal data.

Application scope
The following privacy policies are applicable to the collection, application and protection of personal data by this website, but not applicable to websites of governmental agencies of all levels and pay websites that are linked with this website. When you file online applications on websites linked to this website, websites independently run by governmental agencies of all levels or those jointly run by our website and other agencies, organizations or companies, privacy policies of these websites will apply and this website bears no joint liabilities.

About the collection of personal data
If you just visit or download files from this website, our website will not ask for your personal data.
If you file online applications for services offered by this website, you will offer actual personal data, such as: name, ID card number, phone number, e-mail, address, and registered permanent residence, etc.
The website will record such data as your IP address, time spent online and the web pages that you have viewed, etc, which will be used in the analysis of website flow volume and online behavior by the management department of our website for improving the service quality. In addition, we just analyze general behaviors of all users of this website and will not analyze individual behaviors. This website is obliged to protect personal data of applicants. We will not correct or delete your personal data and files without your consent or if not alluding to any of the following cases:
1. Permitted by the law;
2. Protect the rights and interests of relevant people;
3. Protect the rights and interests of our website and relevant units.
This website will not use your personal data for selling, exchanging and leasing, except in any of the following cases:
1. Required by judicial authorities in their investigations in accordance with laws;
2. Required by relevant administrative authorities in their investigations or applications according to their degrees of authority;
3. When we think out of goodwill that such behaviors are required by laws or will be beneficial for the maintenance and improvement of the website.

Protection of Personal Data
We have installed firewall software, anti-virus software, and other relevant and necessary website security measures in the computer hosting this website in order to properly protect your personal data. Only authorized personnel can access your personal data. All personnel who may access your personal data shall have signed a confidentiality agreement, and shall assume legal liabilities for violation of the agreement.
If owing to operational needs of this website, services from other institutions are required, we will ask such institutions to keep your personal data in strict confidence and will conduct necessary inspections on them to ensure their compliance.

Applicants' liabilities
You shall take proper measures to prevent your account number from being stolen or misused. If what you use is a public computer, remember to close the browser after each use for fear that your personal data or e-mails may be obtained by others.

This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time for compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act or other relevant laws and regulations, or as needed. The amendments to this Privacy Policy will be posted as relevant information on this website.